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Albertsons ran out of game tickets at the Carpinteria, Ca. store.

No way I can win anything now. The whole game thing was a crock of ***. What a waste. I shop there all the time and got sucked into playing this *** game with no chance to win.

And what a waste of paper. I only needed one number to win a car, but everything was duplicate, duplicate, duplicate! and now they have no mo9re game tickets, to even have a chance.

Also i am tired of the pop up, you need more words. I am done now.

Terry Boardman, A Carpinteria resident.

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Albertsons in Las Vegas at Maryland parkway and Sahara ran out of tickets too. I don't understand why employees are even playing...not fair to the consumer.

Hear employees are winning most things.

I will stop shopping here and go to Smith's.. The game is bull...

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