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Albertsons ran out of game tickets at the Carpinteria, Ca.store.

No way I can win anything now. The whole game thing was a crock of ***. What a waste. I shop there all the time and got sucked into playing this *** game with no chance to win.

And what a waste of paper. I only needed one number to win a car, but everything was duplicate, duplicate, duplicate! and now they have no mo9re game tickets, to even have a chance.

Also i am tired of the pop up, you need more words.I am done now.

Terry Boardman, A Carpinteria resident.


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Albertsons in Las Vegas at Maryland parkway and Sahara ran out of tickets too.I don't understand why employees are even playing...not fair to the consumer.

Hear employees are winning most things.

I will stop shopping here and go to Smith's..The game is bull...

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