Wolf Point, Montana

while shopping in the wolf point albertsons a couple clerks and one manerger contiue to follow me and my wife around even if were alone or together and we spend a couple hundred dollers each trip and the worst one is a short over weight lady whos blond and makes it a point to show us she is following one or both of us we have never stole any thing from this store or any where else now were filling a complaint and also see if we have a law suite agianst the store or the manerger or this clerk this is so wrong at first i didnt belive my wife ontill i started paying attention i think this kind of treatment is racial and i smell a law suite

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #707566

If you ability to use the English language is any indicator -- they were probably smart to follow you around.

Lawsuit? Sure, try it. The judge may need a good laugh that day.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #707456

That's right cry racism. Before filing any complaint you should think about improving your capitalization, spelling, and punctuation.

If you speak the way you write you will make a complete fool of yourself. The first word in a sentence should begin with a capital letter, the names of places should be capitalized. Your complaint should be divided into sentences. "manerger" should be spelled "manager." You should never put "me" before the other person.

"were" should be "we're" or "we are." There was absolutely no reason for you to describe one of the employees as being a short over weight lady "whos" should be "who is." Exactly what does her appearance have to do with your complaint. "filling" should be spent "filing." You definitely don't have a law "suite" against them. There is a very small possibility that you might have a law "suit" against them. There should be an apostrophe in the word "didnt," it should be "didn't." "belive" should be "believe." "ontil" should be "until." At some time you and your wife must have done something in the store that made them suspicious.

I'm sure the employees have better things to do than follow you around without good reason and it has nothing to do with whatever race you are.

Furthermore stores have security cameras, which if you stop and think would be much more economical than having employees follow you around. I think you and your wife are hoping to make a financial killing over something that isn't anything other than your imagination.

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