I am in the military and just been in Coronado California for only two weeks getting ready for my next duty station. I have been to the store at least once a day the store is at the corner.

even thought I am a paying customer they treat me like I don't belong and their products are way too good for me they have been very rude to my girl and I, they act like they cant hear us when we ask a question and they are standing next to them, they never want to help and answer any questions, it is maily the people at the cash registers. so far out of six people there has only been one nice person, they make me not even want to shop there and tell my friends not to go as well or make a complaint on base.

Are they racist, snobby, hate the military? I hope not we make the majority of this island.

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The same personnel work at the new Haggens store on coronado.

Now they have higher prices and same rude behavior!


This is not true of the Albertsons I know in Coronado. I too am from a military background, and have never experienced that type of treatment.

They're always so helpful and kind to me, and remember who I am. I've been going to Albertsons since the 1990's, and they have been consistent.


WOW, I've shopped here many times. The employees usually go out of their way to be helpful.

Hate the military? In Coronado?

Come on, get with the program~Perhaps it's your attitude, You think? Try smiling without a chip on your shoulder??

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