Albertson's in West Covina, CA did a POOR job of handling a recent product recall of Similac powdered baby formula. I tried to return a container to this Albertson's (Westfield Eastland Center).

First they told me they were not aware of the recall. IT WAS ALL OVER THE NEWS. Then they told me I was LYING, that I hadn't purchased the container there.

I told them the Similac website said to return unused portions to the place of purchase. Finally, after making me wait for half an hour and insulting me, they did give me a refund.

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Everytime I approach the pharmacy counter or call in to ask a question they are so snappy and rude! I will NEVER go through them EVER.


! I had an incident at an albertson where my daughter got a cut from one of their automatic coupon machine.

At that time, they didnt offer to give her a bandaid or

Napkin of any sort. She was crying and all they sake us to do is to fill out paperwork- no apology and they didn't ask if she was fine. After talking to an "albertson representative" on the phone, they said that albertson is not at fault for any of this, so they will not be giving out an apology letter.

We didn't even pursue a claim and all we ask for is an apology letter and they won't even give us one. None of my family members or friends will never return!

Blue Hill, Nebraska, United States #229182

i just told my faily, my sister's family, my brother's family, my brother-in-law's family, my friends and my parents' friends. "do not go to albertsons anymore." they all support me also. albertsons not just lose one costmer, they lose my entire family and friends too.

Blue Hill, Nebraska, United States #229168

albertson so mean to me also. don't go to albertson anymore.

wait for they closed down. they have bad costmer service too.

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