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I had to wait 15 minutes to get my money back after being overcharged again. When I told Lisa that this should be avoided, she says, it is common and should be expected that overcharges happen regularly.

Which is FRAUD. I am making a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and other Government Departments that will act to stop them overcharging consistently. I *** returned the rest of the items I bought, *** em, let them restock if they cant count price and charge properly. I looked the *** mf manager and the big dopey mf with him straight in the eye and let them know overcharging and the bla bla bs response made them pieces of *** no account mfs.

If you are a shopper, keep track of all the overcharges, we may be able to get a class action suit against these *** theiving mf a-holes. F them to *** for systematic FRAUD.

Reason of review: Overcharge Fraud.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: I want a class action law suit to stop overcharging, it is systematic and consistent and thereby FRAUD. I will orgainize and stop Fraud by ALBERTSONS..

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