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On the night of November 8th my wife was sitting in front of the store with our dog waiting for me to cross the parking lot and go in and buy dog food. The security guard approached her and told her that she needed to leave or he would call the police.

She said she was waiting for me to come and buy dog food. He told her that she is an ugly, dirty homeless girl and she had to go. I found my wife leaving the parking lot crying when she told me what happened. I approached the guard calmly and asked if he treated everyone so well.

He said " whats it to you punk." I told him that that was my wife and i found her crying when she had done nothing except wait for me. He told me that i had to get off his property because he was calling the police and telling them we were tresspassing. So i left and here i am pissed as ***. My wife is beautiful and far from dirty.

Life through us a curve ball a few months ago and were on the street trying like *** to get back off it. Ive learned how badly people without homes can be treated recently.

The loss of a job and a shady apartment renter can put anybody here i have discovered. So my dog is hungry my wife is crying and im pissed as ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Albertsons Customer Care.

Reason of review: prejudice security guard.

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What part of PRIVATE PROPERTY are you having a issue with?? Firstly, the security guard was NOT employed by Albertsons.

The property management company would have hired them. Secondly, it’s their property and if they don’t want you on it, guess what, it’s their constitutionaly protected right. Not much you can say or do about it. Oh sure you can go online and whine about it.

Even though the guard and Albertsons have nothing to do with each other, YOU defame Albertsons. It sounds like you’re trying to get that payday of free money or groceries for free. If your wife is panhandling while you are shopping then they have every right to ask her to leave. When it’s YOUR home you expect and demand that everyone follow YOUR rules.

Why is it so hard to believe that a business gets the same right?? You need to respect their rights and you would expect your rights to be respected. Odds are that you are “campers”. People who have no home and no job and live off the generosity of others.

Which means that EVERY shopping center you go through sees you as panhandlers.

And money is tight for everyone not just you. Try hanging out at a Lowe’s or Home Depot atleast you can EARN MONEY doing day labor.


I feel there are details that you purposely left off from here. Was she begging customers outside for money??

If she was, and I have a hunch she was, that is loitering & yes, the store CAN kick you off their premises. If I'm going shopping at a store, the last thing I want to encounter is someone outside asking me for money.

That is harassment that customers shouldn't have to deal with. Stores are private property, get off of them!

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That is horrible, they thought she was waiting for a shoplifter. Shoplifters do that type of stuff all the time, say she might have been watching and texting what she is seeing- they work in groups.

Albertsons aren't allowed to do that. Thats profiling. I would have said yes please call the cops so there could be an incident report. all albertsons has cameras.

they cant arrest you if your not doing anything wrong and have to give you an option to leave when they get there. I would see that he gets fired. talk to store director and his security company. worse cometo worse call their corporate office.

I have seen them do lots of things there not suppose to. good luck to you

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