Stayton, Oregon
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July 15, Wilsonville, OR. Normally do not sho at Albertsons but thought we would try it again.

Bad experience about 3 weeks ago. Bought a watermelon. no choiices were slim and none, only 5 to choose from. Mine was a bad pick.

Drove 55 miles to home and went to cut the watermelon and found it absolutely in a rotton state. Mushy inside and slimmy. threw it away> That's the end of shopping there for us. Glad they are not conveniently located in our area.

Best bet is to AVOID ALBERTSONS. Their Keizer, OR store is a junk yard!

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Flint, Michigan, United States #841436

So you picked a bad watermelon out of the only five they had left, and you couldnt tell it was bad how the *** do you think they could tell. Obviously the rest of the watermelons in the bin were fine, but because yours wasnt, you feel you have the right to try to ruin Albertson's reputation over a *** watermelon. Man, people like you make me sick!

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