Adelanto, California
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If you shop at this Albertsons, don't go through Marilyn G. Line....she is a horrible person, and checker!

My husband and I shopped there, she talked with her winey voice (I could smell alcohol on her breath) she would talk and talk and it took forever! I asked her where peanut butter was and she never did answer me, she seemed to involved in talking about her miserable self! Telling my husband she hates men, and all her personal life and how she loves to drink wine! I know.

We could tell! She said she was getting married but doesn't like commitment!

Albertsons needs to get rid of that Jerry Springer employee...I will NEVER shop there ever again! Bad experience....HORRIBLE......

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wow, so you go around telling people all the bad things that are going on at albertsons and you just got told, and yes alot of albertsons workers (including me) actually check these sites. you are starting a war lady.

you need to back off and deal with your own problems instead of picking on employees that have done nothing wrong. you husband left you and you decide to badger the lady he left you for. that is down right vicious. you need counseling.

if you are to be mad at anyone, be mad at yourself for puching your man away by being a liar and an insane B****. You are so low, you must be miserable. it must be hard to live with yourself seeing how you like to make everyone miserable and people resent you for making their lives harder than it really is. Oh and to name the employee you are angry at?

wow you need to get laid if you are that impared in your head. haha "Yeah Right" gave you the angry face!

maybe when you violate the restraining order you can visit other miserable people in jail. just move on and forget about your relationship that you ruined.


Nice little lie I work Here, That is not believable at all. :(

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