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Went to Albertson's at 10:15 pm only to find they were already closed. Went the next morning to get money back from my debit card and was told they do not give money back on prepaid debit cards through Ace Netspend. I explained that I have my paycheck direct deposited to this card, but did not matter to them. I don't understand this policy, if it is used as a debit card, the funds are in there... Read more

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I rented a keg and full set up from Albertsons for a birthday party. When my son went to pick it up, they did not have the full set up, only keg and tap. He had to go home and makeshift one and then once got to party, the tap didn't work. Went back to store to exchange and that one didn't work either. They told him the only one they had left was for a paying customer. Last I checked I was a... Read more

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Fallbrook Albertsons- They ran an ad for 2 different "Mix or Match 4 items". Very clever wording & I think borderline misleading!! 1st Mix or Match was for certain Quaker Life Products. 2nd Mix or Match was for GREEN tagged items throughout the store. Key word here....GREEN tagged items. My bad..I didn't read the fine print. What really *** me off was the Albertsons employee attitude when I... Read more

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I've lived here in the area my whole life and been to this store a million times. They go through staff so much especially now with the new management Alicia Peyton is a real smug B to everyone that is to all customers and the employees. I'm surprised that the corporate office hasn't got rid of her and this store yet. Won't be shopping here there are better employees that should be a better fit... Read more

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First and foremost, I'd like to say The Customer is what makes the Company work. Whether with your products, prices or rain checks or low prices you advertise. But this is not a regular complaint about that! I'm a very loyal customer and have been for years there up until December 23rd 2015 at the Albertson's Store on Highway 59 & Highway 67 -4415 West 7TH Texarkana, Texas. That day as I was... Read more

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Recently had experience at Albertsons on corner of Durango and Flamingo.. Alek in meats & seafood delayed one whole week to order cocktail crab claws that I requested. .Only when I inquired a week after initial request fid he call distributors to find product..He did finally get them in and when I questionef their freshness he assured me thst they were fine.Two days in my freezer snd the... Read more

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I have shopped at Albertsons kalispell for a few years now. Although convenient for locality I would warn anyone buying from their 'Seafood Department' to choose another. Every time I try to buy 'Fresh Seafood' I am disappointed.The word fresh should not be on their labels. Although I realize it's hard to keep seafood fresh so far from the ocean, they sell already outdated seafood, cook it and... Read more

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Well here we go again, Never fails, overcharged for items by the computer scanners, not on only one item but 4, Check your receipt before you leave the store or better Idea shop somewhere else, I only go if there is a sale Item I want, and even then the price half the time doesn't match the ad or sings posted for item, no to mention the fact they are way overpriced! Example $2.49 for a head of... Read more

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Went into Albertsons on 17th Street Idaho Falls idaho on Saturday December 5 about 2:30 the lady working in the bakery was very helpful and nice when taking my cake order Add comment

Why are we as customers being treated so bad by the new employees? Been shopping here for 40 years. The good employees are being run out(my guess is money) and when you ask for help with a product, they could care less. We are nice people here and deserve to be treated with respect. Just go there and ask the few workers left! I wish this store would be sold again and get someone good in there!... Read more

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