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  • Nov 19
  • Pet Medicine
  • Dixon, California
  • Dog Medication
  • 3

Albertsons recently bought out the Safeway stores. We have been using Safeway for food, gas and medicine. I spend at least $4000 per month at Safeway (albertsons). We have to get drops for my dog's glaucomA. My vet charges $22 per bottle and before the buyout, Safeway matched that cost. After the buyout, the price jumped to $79.50 per bottle. I went back to the vet for the meds. I also get... Read more

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I went shopping for sales and decided to get some beer i drink bud so i picked up a 12 pack tasted the beer and something was not right i checked the date on it an it was 9 months old maybe thats why i stopped shopping there if this is their practice i suggest everyone stops shopping there i know i will tell everyone Add comment

I buy 2 batches of muffins a week and now I'm told the warehouse can't supply them. Today I asked again, I was told they are discontinued. Yet these sell out. Your blueberry was stacked so high and none were selling, neither was the bran muffins. Please put them back!!! They are better than any pastry and so good with coffee for breakfast! Add comment

  • Oct 19
  • Food Stores
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Albertsons Checkout
  • 24

There is no policy on How many times you can do cashback per day. I know there is a limit on $100 per debit card transaction. The manager Yadira was so rude. Mind you this was 8 o clock at night and my van was in the shop so I couldn't go anywhere else in walking distance and I have done several transactions in the past and never had a problem I even pulled up the policy and it didn't say... Read more

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Can't begin to explain. Ms. Betty Summers. Store number 3747. Most rude, unprofessional, and cruel person I've ever met. Add comment

Wake up call not just him entire company management treat everybody like trash. Lol. Enjoy. Add comment

  • Sep 22
  • Food Stores
  • Texas City, Texas
  • Sirloin Steak
  • 1
  • 1

This Albertsons in mukilteo wa.they are way over priced. they advertise buy one petite sirloin get one free.the catch is they charge $13.99lb for petite *** do they think the average person is.the New york steak right next to it is $10.99lb.scandals. Read more

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  • Sep 22
  • Food Stores
  • Murrieta, California
  • Sargento Cheese
  • 16

Here are several examples of this egregiously high pricing: Bounce 240 sheet SKU 3700007312 $11.99 (Target price $7.99) Tylenol SKU 30045012304 $6.99 (Target price 5.67) Flintstones Vitamins SKU 1650055434 $10.99 (Target price $5.99) One a Day Vitamins SKU 1650007410 $11.99 (Target price $6.99) 80/20 ground beef 2.35 lb @ $4.99/lb vs Vons at $3.99/lb Sargento cheese SKU 4610000226 $4.19 (Walmart... Read more

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Please bring Albertsons back to Prescott Valley!!! I used to shop there all the time, used pharmacy as have many of my friends!!! No one uses Safeway!!! Add comment

I experienced poor customer service at the Albertsons from a worker in the Deli on Ryan St. in Lake Charles, La. She was extremely rude to me as I was submitting an order to her, so much so I told her nevermind I do not want her to service me. Add comment

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